Water & Wastewater Treatment | Flow Control & Valves
We’ll help you specify the most advantageous type of valves, gates and materials, which are critical to the successful operation of any water system.
  We partner with the three leading manufacturers in the industry—ABB, GA Industries, and Rodney Hunt—and offer a wide spectrum of valves and gates, designed to address various flow control challenges.
Product Description Manufacturer
Butterfly valves AWWA flanged, wafer and lug body, and high performance. Dezurik
Plug valves Eccentric action and resilient plug facing for tight shutoff, conventional and full port designs. Dezurik
APCO Willamette ball and cone control valves Pump, surge, pressure, and level automatic control. Dezurik/APCO Willamette
Air Release and Vacuum Release Valves Automatically releases accumulated air from pipelines, pump casings, valve bodies, water meters, and more. Dezurik/APCO Willamette
Check valves All styles of industry leading APCO/Willamette check valves. Dezurik/APCO Willamette
Flow Control Sluice, Slide, Weir, Level, Radial, Flap and Diversion Gates A comprehensive variety of stainless steel and aluminum flow control gates for a wide variety of water control applications. Waterman
Parshall Flumes Fiberglass Parshall flumes for in channel flow measurement MFG

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