Water Treatment | Disinfection by UV, Mixed Oxidants, Hypochlorite & Ozone
To determine the most effective disinfection solution, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each technology. And consider these factors: raw water characteristics and quality, operator preference, space considerations, and operating costs.
Product Description Manufacturer
Trojan UVSwift™ Defines the industry standard for effectiveness and reliability. Trojan UVSwift™ is capable of treating any size of flow. Trojan Technologies
Trojan UVSwift™SC Ideally suited for smaller flow applications up to 4.4 MGD (700m3/hr). Trojan Technologies
Trojan UVTorrent Lowest operating costs for large scales water plants using the TrojanUV Solo Low Pressure, high output UV lamp. Trojan Technologies
Trojan UVFlex Most compact low pressure, high output UV disinfection system. The UVTorrent uses the TrojanUV Solo lamp for maximum efficiency in the smallest footprint. Trojan Technologies
Trojan UVPhox™ A groundbreaking combination of UV and hydrogen peroxide in a pressurized ultraviolet (UV) light reactor that utilizes Trojan’s low-energy, high-output amalgam UV lamps.

Trojan Technologies
Trojan UVSwift™ECT

Employs sophisticated controls to optimize the treatment of environmental contaminants.

Trojan Technologies

Emergency Vapor Scrubber Systema


Tested by an independent laboratory for chlorine releases from 150 lbs up to one ton and release rates up to 100 lbs/min with maximum discharge concentrations never exceeding 2 ppm.

Evoqua/RJ Environmental
Miox On-Site Mixed Oxidant Generation Systems

The most efficient, reliable and operator friendly on-site mixed oxidant (4 - >1000 lb/d) generation systems.

Miox On-Site Hypochlorite Generation systems

The most efficient, reliable and operator friendly on-site hypochlorite (25 - >1550 lb/d) generation systems.



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