Wastewater Treatment | Sludge Treatment
Sludge treatment is done to reduce and to stabilize the biosolids that are produced in the biological wastewater treatment process.
Product Description Manufacturer
Biosolids Pretreatment Processes    
Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis of sludge doubles anaerobic digester capacity, increases gas production and creates Class A biosolds. CAMBI
BioPasteur Thermal enhancement to anaerobic digestion for Class A biosolids production. Kruger
Aerobic Biological Processes    
Diffused Air Systems
and Diffusers
The most complete line of fine and coarse bubble, plastic, stainless steel and membrane / ceramic air diffusers of any company in the industry. Evoqua/Envirex
Thermair ATAD
(Autothermal Thermophyllic
Aerobic Digestions)
A more reliable, more efficient process for the production of high quality bio solids. Thermal Process Systems
Turborator self aspriating submerged aerator/mixer MGD's self aspirating aerator is ideal for ATAD's and ATAD retrofits, lagoons, aeration basins and aerobic digesters. MGD Process Technologies
Anaerobic Biological Processes    
Spiral Heat Exchangers Compact, high efficiency spiral heat exchangers for sludge. Alfa Laval
Heater/Heat exchangers Combination heater/heat exchangers and tube in tube heat exchangers designed specifically for wastwater treatment applicaitons. Evoqua/Envirex
Pearth Gas Mixing A highly efficient anaerobic digestion gas-mixing system. Evoqua/Envirex
Dystor Gas Storage A digester gas holder design that uses a dome-shaped, engineered membrane system to store methane gas, provide for sludge storage and prevent odors. Evoqua/Envirex
Duo Deck
Floating Digester Cover
The safest design for maintenance personnel after several years of traffic under the cover. Evoqua/Envirex
Crown Disintegration System
Dramatic improvements in gas production and solids destruction in Anaerobice Digestion. Evoqua/Envirex
Aquabelt Thickeners Industry leading gravity belt thickeners. Ashbrook
Alfa Laval Centrifuges High efficiency, high capacity decanter centrifuges. Alfa Laval
Circular Gravity Thickeners Conventional circular tank gravity thickeners Evoqua/Envirex
Float-Treat Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Time proven, reliable, efficient dissolved air flotation for solids thickening Evoqua/Envirex
ThickTech Rotary Drum Thickener Efficient and cost effective rotary drum thickener for solids thickening. Parkson
Thermal/Lime and Lime only    
EnVessel Pasteurization In under 30 minutes, sludge is converted to Class A, pathogen free biosolids. RDP Technologies
Lime Stabilization

Class B line stabilization of biosolids. RDP Technologies
Nutrient recovery/Struvite Control    
Ostara nutrient recovery Ostara process for recovering phosphorus and other nutrients and eliminating struvite formation Ostara

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