Wastewater Treatment | Pretreatment
Pretreatment includes coarse screening, fine screening, washing and compacting, grit removal, grit washing, and dewatering.
  To determine the most effective screening and grit removal technologies, evaluate the downstream processes that are being protected.
Product Description Manufacturer
AquaGuard AG Screen The features and benefits of this screen account for the 3,000 municipal applications worldwide, and its reliability supports its quality reputation. Parkson
AquaGuard PF Screen A perforated plate screen with all the benefits of the AquaGuard AG. Parkson
Hycor Screening Products Wide range of in channel and pumped flow screens including the Helisieve, Hydroscreen, Rotomesh, Rotoshear and Rotostrainer. Parkson
Grit Removal For the past 30 years we have focused exclusively on furthering the understanding of municipal grit to develop and perfect methods to remove it. Hydro/Eutek Systems
Settleable Solids Concentrator
Offers unmatched performance for new installations and retrofits alike. Stacked trays multiply surface area without increasing footprint. Hydro/Eutek Systems
Grit Washing & Sludge Degritting
Provides simultaneous grit washing and classification in a continuous process. The SLURRYCUP™ is also extremely effective at sludge degritting. Hydro/Eutek Systems
Headworks Grit Removal & Washing
The free vortex, all-hydraulic operation ensures a long product life and provides increasing performance as flows increase. Hydro/Eutek Systems
Quiescent Dewatering Escalator
When used with a SLURRYCUP™ or TEACUP™ the GRIT SNAIL™ has unmatched performance in the removal and retention of even the finest grit. Hydro/Eutek Systems

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