Wastewater Treatment | Nutrient Removal
Wastewater may contain high levels of the nutrients nitrogen and phosphorus. Different treatment processes are required to remove nitrogen and phosphorus.
Product Description Manufacturer
Actiflo An ultra high-rate clarification process which combines microsand enhanced flocculation and lamellar settling. Krüger
Oxidation Ditch Systems Provides energy efficient and simple to operate system configurations producing exceptional effluent quality. Krüger
Biostyr™ Highly efficient and compact high-rate, upflow, submerged media biologically aerated filter. Krüger
AnoxKaldness™ Moving Bed Biofilm Bioreactor (MBBR) for efficient, compact biological treatment. Krüger
Hydrotech Discfilter A microscreen used for solids removal and product recovery. The disc design is particularly advantageous when a large filter area is needed. Krüger
Jet Tech Omniflo SBR The perfect Sequencing Batch Reactor solution for a variety of municipal and industrial wastewater processing applications. Evoqua/Jet Tech
Orbal® Multichannel Oxidation System A complete mix, looped reactor system, well-suited for conventional activated sludge, advanced secondary sludge treatment, simultaneous nitrification-denitrification, biological phosphorus removal and stormwater treatment. Evoqua/Envirex
Vertical Loop Reactor A design based upon looped reactors in series that allows DO stratification. Evoqua/Envirex
Memcor Pressurized and Submerged Membrane Filtration Systems

The Memcor Membrane Systems consist of packaged and customized pressurized and submerged systems for small and large plants. Evoqua/Memcor
Envirex MemPulse Membrane Bioreactor A unique wastewater treatment process that combines a single sludge aerobic biological treatment process with an integrated, immersed membrane system. Evoqua/Envirex
Biolac Wave-OX Biological nutrient removal (BNR) is simplified and affordable with the wave oxidation process. Parkson
DynaSand Filter A low-cost alternative to microfiltration technology while producing comparable or superior filtrate quality. Parkson
Dynasand D2
A dual-filter design that provides more stringent effluent control. Parkson

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